When you use a payroll service, you have a specific window of time in which to submit payroll – no exceptions. The reports offered are “what you see is what you get”; anything beyond the default are subject to extra fees and charges.

MyPayrollHR.com lets you do what you need to do when you need to do it. 

Ultimate flexibility, no extra charge.

  • Access your information 24×7, from anywhere
  • Cut payroll checks outside of your normal processing cycle
  • View your payroll totals immediately after you key the employees’ time into the system
  • Make any changes you want prior to posting the checks
  • Print your own paychecks and direct deposit vouchers without having to wait for a courier to deliver them
  • Issue multiple checks to employees – no extra charge
  • Set up your own departments, work sites, divisions, projects and positions – not limited to pre-set codes
  • Allocate employee wages to divisions, positions, departments, and projects that you can set up yourself
  • Employees can be given the ability to look up their own pay checks and change their personal information with web self-services
  • Customize your own dashboard to display event reminders such as employee review dates, motor vehicle reports or any event you would like to track

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Still tripping over stacks of old payroll reports? Wasting precious minutes searching through mounds of paperwork? When your key HR and payroll data is online, you no longer need to keep unessential paper.

Just think of the trees you’ll save.

  • Run payroll reports for current and past payrolls on-demand
  • Key employee payroll hours directly into the system, without having to transcribe onto paper and fax
  • Track employee paid time off
  • All changes to employee data is automatically logged by date, time and person entering
  • Maintain a record of employee events such as reviews, follow-up dates, scheduled training or scheduled reporting, complete with automatic reminders
  • Retrieve tax reports over the web

Most small businesses lack the resources to retain a full time HR manager or pay a costly retainer to an employment lawyer. MyPayrollHR gives you access to HR experts and an extensive HR resource center.

  • Trusted expert advice by phone or e-mail, within one business day — or sooner when it’s urgent. All questions, issues and answers are confidential.
  • Database of common real-world questions and answers by our trusted HR pros
  • Glossary of common HR-related terminology
  • Newsletter with helpful information and HR-related articles in an easy-to-read format
  • Access to forms required by state and federal govenments as well as general business forms, all searchable so you can find just the one you need
  • Standardized job descriptions for common positions you can use “as is” or customize to match your needs
  • Handbook Constructor to build your own handbook or get ideas on augmenting your existing handbook

MyPayrollHR.com handles all of your local state and federal payroll tax withholding and deposits, even ones that many payroll services don’t do for you.

  • Deposit federal, state, and local tax liabilities for over 10,000 tax agencies
  • File all monthly, quarterly, and annual tax returns for all taxing agencies via paper, e-file, or magnetic media
  • Balance QTD/YTD deposits to liabilities to ensure all your payments are accurate
  • Complete W-2 services, including filing, printing, corrections, and re-issues
  • Research and respond to all agency inquiries
  • File your state new hire reports

We guarantee that your payroll taxes are completed perfectly and promptly every quarter.

Still piecing together bits of information from your standard reports into a format you need? MyPayrollHR.com provides a custom report writer so you can easily drag-and-drop your way to the report you want. Get access to all your payroll and HR data from one database in real-time.

No costly report design fees. No waiting.

  • Colorful charts and graphs of key statistics and data in the HR Dashboard
  • Standard and popular pre-built reports to choose from
  • Create your own report using real-time data
  • Save reports for later use
  • Easily download your report into Excel for later analysis
  • Run any report for any period at any time, even before payroll is finalized

A misplaced fax with payroll information. A package with checks and reports delivered to the wrong office. Security breeches like this—or worse—happen all the time.

Protect your sensitive data by moving it outside the office. MyPayrollHR houses your data at a state of the art data facility and utilizes bank level security protocols, so even an inquisitive IT employee can’t snoop into personnel files.

You’ll never have to worry about confidential data falling into the wrong hands again.

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