Top 9 Reasons To Go With an Online Payroll Service

When I talk to potential customers, at some point in the conversation I will be asked to answer the question “What’s in it for us?” … or, more formally, characterize the benefits of an online payroll service to the inquirer.

I’ve actually found that the best answers to this question come from our own customers.  So here are some of the most frequent answers I’ve heard over the years;  you might call it a “Top Nine” list of the benefits of an internet payroll solution …

  1. I get to do things when I want, through a user-friendly payroll dashboard;  I don’t have to conform to someone else’s schedule or batch of rigid forms.
  2. I can access my information (and therefore pay my people) anywhere there is an Internet connection.  The world doesn’t have to come to an end just because I’m on vacation or away on a business trip.
  3. Because the system is truly online, I can preview my entire payroll before I actually run it.  This goes a long way toward eliminating embarrassing (and costly) errors.
  4. I’ve set up our account so that our employees can access their own information (to the extent I’ve authorized).  Now I’m no longer indispensable to getting the answer to every routine question that comes up.
  5. I control our firm’s payroll/HR information.  If a mistake occurs, there’s no need to search around for who’s responsible;  I can just focus on getting it fixed.
  6. I can print my own checks locally, saving the cost of overnight shipping and the possibility of delay.
  7. Knowing that the system is totally secure and frequently backed up gives me tremendous peace of mind, especially since I didn’t have to hire a whole IT department to achieve this.
  8. According to our pre-purchase analysis, this approach was more cost-effective than either a traditional “black box” payroll service provider or acquiring application software and the expensive IT people to manage it.
  9. It’s allowed us to “go green” by greatly reducing our reliance on paper.

A lot of growing companies are rethinking payroll performance, especially in consideration of today’s economic environment. When you consider the control and convenience you gain with an online payroll service with built-in HR support, it’s definitely worth looking into. If you’re thinking of doing your own comparison, you might want to check out the side-by-side comparison on our website. 

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