The top four reasons to hate your payroll service

Many of our new customers these days are escapees from (ahem) another network …er, payroll service.  Of course, we always ask them to tell us about the issues that are motivating them to change up …and these are the Top Four answers we get:

4.  They keep messing up our payroll, and my employees don’t appreciate it.  Oh, and since I’m the one spending my time on fixes and re-runs… neither do I.
3.  The system they make me use is just plain clunky.  It’s not truly Web-based, not real-time at all …and just fuggedabout being user-friendly.
2.  I can’t predict what I’ll be charged from run to run.  $25.00 for this, $1.25 for that;  it’s worse than our phone bill.  Every time I turn around, I discover the meter’s been running and there’s yet another fee category.  I’m sure you can imagine how much our CFO enjoys that.

(insert tympani roll here…)  And the Number One reason to hate your payroll service…

1.  I can never get the right person on the phone to get my issue resolved.  I get passed around from department to department.  No one ever gets assigned to our account …so even after 5 years, they still don’t understand the quirks of our business.

But once those mistreated customers make the switch to MyPayrollHR’s online payroll service, all of those problems simply melt away… 

  • Since they get to preview payroll runs online beforehand, there are virtually no reasons for messing up a run. 
  • Our system gives you a foolproof, very user-friendly dashboard interface;  and it’s Web-based – and real-time – by design, from the ground up. 
  • MyPayrollHR charges an all-inclusive flat rate …no nickel-&-diming.  And we even throw in value-added services, like a resource center and HR consulting …which those escapee customers could only dream about before. 
  • You get a choice of support modes with MyPayrollHR:  Web, email, phone.  And we’ll assign you a permanent single point of contact, who will come to know your business.

If you’re one of those mistreated, unhappy clients of a sub-par service, don’t put up with those “Top 4 reasons” another day!

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