The 3 Most Asked Questions of the Person Who Handles Payroll

If you hold the payroll responsibility in your company, you undoubtedly know the drill. Somehow every other employee of the company has found your phone number, and/or knows the way to your office.

Why? … because they have questions.  You know they’re perfectly legitimate questions and have got to be answered, but that doesn’t stop you from informally totaling up just how many hours this ad-hoc personal service takes out of your week.

You can probably even recite in your sleep the Top Three questions (although there are certainly a lot more): 

  1. I lost my pay stub … can I get a copy?
  2. How much paid time off do I have left?
  3. Can I get a copy of my W-2?

Hopefully, your payroll service provider provides you with some sort of instant access to your database, so that you can at least answer those queries on the spot;  otherwise, it’s an “I’ll have to get back to you on this” (meaning two interruptions for the same question).  But in your dreams, you may have fantasized about a system that allows your entire employee population access to their own information … like maybe over the Internet, from the office or their homes.

That’s no fantasy, of course, with an online payroll service such as MyPayrollHR’s.  Our system provides precisely that type of employee self-service, so they can get answers to all of those questions on their own via the Internet, any time they want.

And what does that mean for you?  No more queue outside your office;  no more 20 or so phone calls a day with fairly straightforward questions.  Which frees you up to focus on clearing up all those other piles on your desk!

Oh… of course, there are always those oddball questions thrown in:

Can you help me get discount lift tickets at Sugarloaf?
What’s the best Caribbean island?

Sorry… but as good as our payroll service is …it really can’t handle those. I have hear good things about St. Lucia, however.

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