Social Media as a Recruiting Tool

Large corporations have long utilized e-recruiting strategies and tools to seek and secure top talent. As technology has evolved towards more cost-effective rates, more and more small to mid-sized employers have turned to e-recruiting as an affordable strategy to find, attract, and select job applicants for their companies’ hiring needs. Nowadays, one of the more popular e-recruiting tools is social media.

Social media is an online version of media that enables real-time, dynamic dialogue among readers and viewers to participate in content development, as opposed to traditional media which delivers static content. Social media networks have started out popularly for personal interests. In recent years, numerous business applications and approaches have emerged to market and promote products and services, as well as companies themselves for employer branding and recruitment purposes. Through social media, employers can gain a wealth of information about specific job candidates.

However, before fully engaging in “social recruiting,” be clear about your company’s strategy. If the strategy is non-existent or weak, little accountability for results exists. Best strategic practices include:

  • Finding passive candidates. Social media can help you identify and develop relationships with top performers who are not active job-seekers yet.
  • Focusing on talent groups. Participate in groups which share information and engage in dialogue based on common industry interests and certain skilled professions or talents.
  • Facilitating education connections. Students – whether in a college or a vocational program – are highly tied to and accessible through technology such as social media.

Fully familiarize yourself with social media to help keep prospective candidates engaged throughout the recruiting process. When you finally have the real need to hire, you will already have your top candidates right at hand.

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