Presenteeism: Did You Know?


In this month’s “Did You Know?” we cover Presenteeism. Presenteeism—the act of showing up to work while sick—is nothing to sniffle at. In fact, it costs the U.S. economy 160 billion dollars in lost productivity per year. It’s also estimated to have contributed to an additional 5,000,000 cases of influenza during the H1N1 pandemic of 2009. Sick workers are less productive, bring down morale, and, if contagious, can cause an office-wide wipe-out or public health risk. Although many workers would prefer to stay home when they or a family member are sick, they choose to work because of the financial impact of unpaid time off, or the risk of losing their job for missing a shift.

In recognition of these barriers to staying home, cities, counties, and states across the country are taking it upon themselves to legislate mandatory sick leave. So far four states, the District of Columbia, and 18 localities have sick leave in place, with the movement building momentum. Sign up for our HR Newsletter below to keep up with the latest developments!


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