New E-Verify Rule Impacts Federal Contractors

There are new regulations impacting the E-Verify system for federal contractors. Federal contractors are obligated to utilize the E-Verify system to figure out if employees are eligible to legally work in the United States.

On or before September 8, 2009 it was not mandatory for employers to use the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services’ E-Verify system. Employers were able to use it for new hires on a voluntary basis, if they had for at least 120 days contracts valued more than $100,000. Effective after September 8, 2009, however, new and current employees who work on a contract must be reported through the new E-Verify system. 

Considerations for Employers:

  • Get More Familiar. Learn about the new E-Verify system whether or not you currently have federal contracts to ensure more proficiency and efficiency.
  • Know the Contracts. Make sure your point person with the HR role and responsibilities is aware of any federal contracts to help stay in compliance.
  • Plan It Out. The entire staff may need to go through the E-verify system which can pose various administrative (i.e. time and costs) and employee morale issues.
  • Conduct Regular Checks. Regularly track to ensure you have up-to-date employee I-9 information and that they meet current compliance standards.

It is unlawful if employers choose to ignore the new rules and regulations and not apply them consistently and fairly in their line of business. So, know if you have federal contracts, and be consistent with Form I-9 and other employment verification documentation practices to avoid misrepresentation and discrimination.

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