MyPayrollHR Report Writer

Reporting options for every need

Most payroll service providers offer only a limited number of business reports. Our payroll service program includes over two dozen standard reports.  

Or make your own! MyPayrollHR provides an intuitive, easy-to-use report writer you can use to create your own customized reports. Save on-the-fly reports in your personal report library for later use. All reports are easily downloaded into Excel for further analysis.

  • Standard and popular pre-built reports to choose from 
  • Create your own report using real-time data
  • Save reports for later use
  • Colorful charts and graphs of key statistics and data in the HR Dashboard
  • Download reports into Excel for later analysis
  • Run any report for a prior batch, period or year
  • Report writer offered at no extra charge

Standard Payroll Reports

  • Batch Cash Requirements
  • Check Journal
  • Check Register
  • Employee Contribution Register
  • Employee Contributions
  • Employee Deduction Register
  • Employee Deductions
  • Employee Direct Deposit
  • Employee PTO Register
  • Employee Property
  • Employee Tax Register
  • Employee Year-To-Date Payroll Register
  • Employee Year-To-Date Register
  • General Journal
  • Payroll Allocation
  • Time Sheet
  • Time Sheet Report by Department

Standard Human Resource Reports

  • Employee Address
  • Employee Age
  • Employee Master
  • Employee Number
  • Employee Roster
  • Events Due
  • Insurance Census
  • New Hires
  • Reviews Due
  • Terminations

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