Real-time payroll business software

All the features needed to manage payroll for an expanding work force.

Customized Setup

Enter and maintain your own payroll setup including:

  • Payment types (salary, hourly, flat amount, non-taxable, tips, fringe wages, etc.)
  • Deduction types (medical, dental, uniform, etc.)
  • Contribution types (retirement, group benefits, etc.)
  • Organizational data (divisions, departments, work sites, work shifts, projects)
  • Pay schedules
  • Rate tables (deductions/contributions)

Time Sheet Entry

  • One-click process to accept standard pay for all employees
  • Pay rates defaulted from employee master file
  • Unlimited number of pay lines may be entered for each employee
  • Allocate payroll among divisions, departments, projects and shifts
  • Complete keyboard control for fast entry (no mouse required)

Direct Deposit

  • Split employee net pay among an unlimited number of bank accounts
  • Partial direct deposit with balance paid by check
  • Specify deposit amount as flat amount or percentage of net pay
  • Check stubs can be issued in paper form, or employees can view recent pay information securely online

Payroll Processing

  • Intuitive processing flow—payroll can be completed in minutes
  • Weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly and monthly pay periods
  • Multiple pay period can be processed in a single batch
  • Change and recalculate payroll any number of times before finalizing
  • Run payroll reports in preview mode before payroll is finalized
  • Generate any number of “out-of-cycle” pay runs

Deductions and Contributions

  • Setup an unlimited number of employee deduction and company contribution calculations per employee
  • Schedule deductions to be taken on pay period or monthly
  • Define as recurring or one-time
  • Maximums may be set by pay period, month, year or lifetime
  • Multiple calculation methods supported (flat, percent, table lookup, etc.)

General Ledger Tracking

  • Set up your own chart of accounts
  • Generate balanced payroll journal for each payroll run
  • Assign general ledger accounts to pay types, deductions, contributions and tax liabilities
  • Allocate general ledger by division, department, work site and project
  • Export payroll accounting to popular accounting packages such as Quickbooks and Peachtree

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