Your people at your fingertips

MyPayrollHR delivers comprehensive human resource and payroll software functionality that both managers and HR professionals can use.

Employee Master File

  • Complete contact information (street and mailing addresses, home and mobile phone numbers, e-mail address)
  • Employment Position (or Job)
  • Employment Status (Active, On-Leave, Terminated)
  • Employment Type (Part-time, Full-Time)
  • Division, Department, Worksite and Shift Assignments
MyPayrollHR Employee Master File

Employee History

Track change dates and reasons for the following employment data:

  • Position
  • Pay rate
  • Employment Status
  • Employment Type

Employee Review

  • Track employee’s next performance and/or pay review
  • Set reminders for upcoming reviews
  • Track employee’s review history (date, rating, reviewer)

Employee Events

  • Define your own events (such as employee review, training, etc.)
  • Set up event reminders

Employee Paid Time Off

  • Track vacation, sick and personal time off
  • View accrued, taken, carried over and balances
MyPayrollHR Dashboard

Track Other Employee Information

  • All changes automatically logged by user, time and date of change
  • Track employee property assignments (software, laptop, company car, PDA, cell phone, etc.)
  • Maintain employee training history
  • Store emergency contact information
  • Enter notes on employee record to keep track of miscellaneous information or conversations

HR Dashboard

MyPayrollHR serves up real-time, at-a-glance payroll and HR information in a top-of-the-pile format so you can easily see where you need to focus.

Using the HR Dashboard’s interactive statistical charts, employee lists, and customizable reminders, you can mind your business more proactively.

  • Interactive overview of key HR and payroll indicators
  • Reminders of upcoming events (performance reviews, payroll batches, license renewals, etc.)
  • Quick-click charts of key indicators, HR statistics, payroll statistics you can customize on the fly
  • Drill-down access to supporting detail data
  • Complete or summarized view of multiple batches within a set time frame (e.g., month, quarter, year, etc.)
  • Employee lists to quickly view any combination of employees (e.g., PT vs. FT)
  • Direct links to employee master records
  • Click column headings to quickly sort or filter information
  • Set reminders to appear on specific days
  • Set shortcuts you want to appear

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