How to tell when it’s time to change to a new online payroll service

OK, so you did your homework and chose not to go with a traditional, batch-oriented payroll service.  And you resisted the siren song of your IT group, realizing that it’s just not likely that they could build a competitively-featured application in any reasonable sort of timeframe.

So instead, you went with an online payroll service.  But soon after signing on, you began having a severe case of buyer’s remorse:  not the generic, nameless sort of dread that attacks home buyers, but the very specific sort that arises from experiencing a number of very real problems.  For instance… 

  • Just the other day, yet another employee just found a mistake with their W-2;  that makes 23 in just the first month that you used the system.
  • You find several bugs in the system;  the vendor admits them, but it’s clear they have no intention of getting them fixed. 
  • You’ve received your third tax notice concerning the very same issue.  Now, on your list of folks you really don’t want to have trouble with, the IRS ranks pretty close to the top. 
  • When you call your vendor’s customer support line, you get an automated attendant …and then (after holding for what seems like eternity) voicemail.
  • You just got an invoice for making too many calls to their support line.  “Excuse me?! …these are your service’s problems that I’m having to call about;  I don’t do this for the pure enjoyment of it.  And now you want to charge me?!  Sorry… not happening in this lifetime.”

It may seem like a made-up list, but these are actually real experiences we’ve heard about from real customers who finally called us to escape from their initial online payroll service.  Somewhere in a parallel universe, we’re so hoping that everyone simply calls MyPayrollHR to begin with;  everyone would be so much better off, all the way around!  Don’t make the same mistake these clients did;  call the pros at MyPayrollHR first:  (866) 697-2947.

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