How is MyPayrollHR different than a typical payroll service?

Like a typical payroll service, MyPayrollHR smooths the bumps in the road (and in some cases, removes the hazards), but rather than take over the wheel, MyPayrollHR puts you in the driver’s seat.

Specifically, MyPayrollHR is a combination of software and services, available for one flat-fee. It’s a native, internet payroll solution designed to provide you full on-demand access to all payroll and HR functions within one system, without the added headaches of making tax deposits and filing quarterly and annual reports. 

MyPayrollHR also provides an HR Support Center, which includes live answers to your HR questions, a comprehensive library of HR forms and common job descriptions, educational articles and newsletters, and many other HR resources at your fingertips.

With key statistical HR and payroll data (HR Dashboard), a customreport writer with access to real-time data, and an employee self-service portal, all available 24×7 within a single secure system, MyPayrollHR is much, much more than a typical payroll service.

How much does it cost?

MyPayrollHR charges are based on the number of active employees in the system. There are no hidden delivery charges or per check fees. One charge covers your payroll and tax processing, on-line human resources infobase, W-2’s and custom report writing. For a specific pricing quote, please contact us.

How do I get my checks?

With MyPayrollHR, you print checks yourself, when you want, at your own printer. Checks and envelopes are available online from various vendors.

Can I offer my employees direct deposit of their paychecks?

Yes, direct deposit is included in our service at no extra charge. Employees can deposit into an unlimited number of accounts.

When do I pay for my payroll?

We deduct the net amount of your employees’ direct deposits and the payroll taxes from your account one business day prior to your check date.

What hardware or software do I need?

No special software, nothing to load. All you need is a broadband connection to the Internet and a web browser.

What do you charge for extra checks and pay runs?

No added charges for extra checks and pay runs.

Will MyPayrollHR interface with my accounting system?

MyPayrollHR interfaces with most popular accounting systems. After you set up your chart of accounts, you simply download a file to import into your accounting program. It’s much easier than you might think.

How do I know my taxes are being paid?

We guarantee that your taxes will be calculated and deposited correctly and on time. Your tax deposits are all fully bonded and insured.

What reports do you have and how do I get them?

MyPayrollHR provides many standard pre-built reports available at any time for any current or past payroll. We also provide a custom report writer for your ad hoc reporting needs.

How does the process work?

Once you log into MyPayrollHR, you can key in any employee changes and payroll information, review reports and print your checks. No need to wait on us. Once you print your checks, we deduct the employee direct deposit amounts, tax payments and our fees directly from your bank account. We send your employees their money and make all your tax deposits for you.

Do my employees have access to their data?

At your discretion, you can set up your employees to log into theemployee self-service portal of MyPayrollHR. They can view past paychecks, update contact information and review paid time off balances. This service is provided at no extra charge for you or your employees.

What do I need to get started?

We need your authorization to pay taxes on your behalf, collect funds to pay for our service and the balance information on your employees. To receive our electronic startup packet, contact us.

Is my information secure?

MyPayrollHR utilizes the most advanced security protocols available. We utilize 128-bit secure socket layer security and treat your confidential data with the highest respect. We don’t like people selling our information; we won’t sell yours. Read ourprivacy policy.

Can I track employee events like review dates and expiration dates?

Yes, you can customize your MyPayrollHR Dashboard to display upcoming events such as annual review dates, motor vehicle report due dates or employee birthdays. You can also generate date-sensitive reports for any employee events.

What's the HR part of MyPayrollHR all about?

MyPayrollHR is more than just a traditional payroll service or software. It is an on-demand HR system that generates your payroll and tracks employee events, turnover, review dates, company property and employee training. Additionally, you have access to HR answers and resources in the HR Support Center.

Can I allocate employees' pay to different departments?

Yes, you can allocate employee pay to different departments, work sites, divisions and even project numbers.

When are reports available to me?

With MyPayrollHR, reports are available immediately which is when you want them. As soon as you key in payroll time, you can review any payroll report, so you can verify the data is correctbefore printing the checks.

Can I track my employees' vacation, sick and other paid time off?

Yes, you can set up each employee to accrue time per pay period, month or year. You can also set up time that will roll over to subsequent years.

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