Best in Class Payroll and ACA Compliance Solution

CLIFTON PARK, NEW YORK, August 3, 2015 (Press Release)- MyPayrollHR, a leading provider of cloud based payroll services, announced a new partnership with XactACA​, formally known as TRAX, to provide a comprehensive solution for Affordable Care Act (ACA) compliance and reporting. The new offering provides companies with real time access to an ACA compliance dashboard to monitor enrollment tracking, W2 affordability status, and potential compliance issues that need resolution.  The solution also provides all required compliance reporting, including IRS Forms 1094/1095-B or –C.

MyPayrollHR now offers the following features:

MyPayrollHR's ACA Compliance Solution powered by XactACA's Dashboard
MyPayrollHR’s ACA Compliance Solution powered by XactACA’s Dashboard
  • Compliance Action Center – track all specific action items required to stay in compliance with the law
  • Real-Time Totals & Reports – know at all times your minimum and maximum potential penalty liability
  • Easy Implementation – companies can import benefit data from existing systems so there is no need to change benefit management processes.

ACA reporting is different than anything companies have seen before.  The law has complex rules and requires both payroll and benefit information,” said John Reinke, CEO of MyPayrollHR.  “Many of the solutions being offered are too expensive, are incomplete or are being provided by vendors that aren’t experts in compliance.  MyPayrollHR combines the best available ACA compliance solution with our easy to use payroll system.  Companies don’t have to change their benefit systems in order to comply with the law.”

MyPayrollHR’s new ACA compliance solution was developed by ACA compliance experts who are available as needed.  Employers can enter benefit information manually or can upload information from any benefit system.  The solution is easy to use and information automatically updates each time payroll is processed. The system ensures each and every employee is properly tracked and documented to address your company’s ACA reporting requirements.

For more information on MyPayrollHR’s ACA Compliance Solution powered by Xact ACA, sign up for their webinar on August 25, 2015 at 1:00 PM EST using the link below. ​

About MyPayrollHR:

MyPayrollHR offers a premium, cost-effective solution for managing employee payroll. With a fully secure data center, MyPayrollHR provides real-time access to management dashboards, custom reporting features and payroll processing capabilities that combine all the advantages of both insourcing and outsourcing. MyPayrollHR offers easy-to-use software that addresses the payroll challenges of companies in a wide variety of industries. This integrated payroll, tax and HR software solution is used by corporations processing payroll in every state and U.S. territory. To learn more about MyPayrollHR, visit our website at or call us at 844-USE-MPHR (844-873-6747).



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