It is like having a Fortune 1000 HR department at your fingertips

Small businesses rarely have access to the resources a large HR department can offer. Until now.

MyPayrollHR provides small business users with a key advantage: HR experts on-demand and an exclusive online resource center devoted entirely to HR issues.

  • Direct Access to HR Pros
    Through HR On-Demand, small business owners have direct access to HR experts without incurring the expense of hiring expensive independent consultants. Confidential questions receive a personal response by phone or e-mail within one business day.
  • Document Customization
    Our HR experts will help customize your HR forms, job descriptions and HR-related letters to meet your needs.
  • Employee Handbook Development
    Schedule a personal appointment with our HR experts to develop a custom employee handbook and a plan for implementation.
  • 24/7 Availability
    HR problems are unpredictable, and businesses often need to respond quickly.
  • Up-to-Date Resource Center
    HR laws and practices are changing constantly; in the past, a company had to repurchase materials or re-research answers every time there’s a change. MyPayrollHR’s HR Support Center content is always current.
  • Knowledge Base
    Learn from the questions and solutions provided to other business owners.

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