Have you been thinking about outsourcing payroll? Considering bringing your payroll back in-house?

MyPayrollHR pricing is all-inclusive – no hidden fees, no surcharges,
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See how co-sourcing with MyPayrollHR compares with traditional payroll handling methods.

MyPayrollHR vs. Outsourced Payroll

When you make the decision to outsource payroll, it is typically based on the need for convenience, security and expertise. MyPayrollHR provides the same services as payroll outsourcing, but without the limitations or hidden fees. With the additional benefits of HR functionality and expertise-on-tap, MyPayrollHR surfaces as the only complete co-sourced solution.

MyPayrollHR Outsourced Payroll
24/7 Secure Access to Real-time Data Full access to all your payroll and human resources information from any connection at any time; reports and data maintained in real-time, no need to wait for servers to be updated nightly. May offer a limited online data entry portal to input payroll hours with some post-payroll reports; standard reports typically available next day. May require that you call or fax in payroll information at a specific day and time.
Error Handling Identify any errors using pre-pay reports before you print and finalize payroll. Edit and recalculate an unlimited number of times at no extra charge. No significant time delay. Identify errors after checks arrive. Extra charge to reprint checks. Payroll is delayed. Employees upset.
Reporting Extensive, easy to read payroll and human resources reports. Plus custom report writer so you can create your own report now at no extra charge. Standard basic payroll reports. Extra charge and significant waiting period to create custom report for you.
HR Records Track employee time off, record of reviews, follow-updates and reminders, scheduled training, reporting, company property and any other employee event. HR functionality typically not available. Some offer at extra charge. Alternative: manual files in unsecured filing cabinet or multiple manual spreadsheets.
Employee Self-Service Employee self-service portal available as part of standard service; employees can view pay stub and paid time off information, and update personal info. Employee portal may be offered at extra charge, if available at all.
HR Dashboard A customizable, HR dashboard overview of key HR and payroll data in a top-of-the-pile format. Typically not offered.
HR Expertise and Advice Answers your HR questions from trusted HR experts. Plus access to: HR News, Articles, HR Glossary, Newsletter, HR Posters, HR Forms (state, federal and business), job descriptions, Handbook Constructor and more. Not offered or limited articles available at extra charge. Alternative: hire employment lawyer or HR manager.
Federal and State Tax Filings and Deposits Sit back and relax. MyPayrollHR handles all federal, state and local tax filings and deposits for you. Handles filings and deposits.
Integrating Payroll Calculations into General Ledger Download file to import into industry standard accounting packages such as QuickBooks or Peachtree. Limited GL reports may be available for an extra charge for you to re-key into your accounting package.
Extra Pay Run Run an extra set of checks such as a bonus or commission payroll at no extra charge. Extra charge for additional payroll run.
Paycheck Delivery Print any number of paychecks when you need them. Wait for checks to be delivered.
Preparing W-2’s W-2 preparation and mailing is handled by MyPayrollHR at a fraction of the price, and guarantees accuracy. W-2 services may be offered but usually for an extra charge.
Direct Deposit Unlimited direct deposit to multiple employee bank accounts at no extra charge. Typically offered for an additional charge. Often employees are limited to a specific number of accounts.
Live Customer Support Customer support is handled by live personnel usually within 24 hours; sooner when urgent. Customers support may be 24-48 hours away from resolution.
Pricing Flat fee. Easy to determine how much you are being charged. Basic fee with additional per-event charges (such as reprints, W-2’s, and so forth) typically with no cap or limits.
Add New Employee to Pay Run Add a new employee to pay run. No extra charge. Extra charge for new hire.
Event Reminders Tag employee events so you will be automatically reminded of upcoming events such as employee reviews and training. Not offered. Limited to payroll only.

MyPayrollHR vs. In-House Payroll

The decision to handle payroll in-house is usually based on the need for control, flexibility and accessibility. MyPayrollHR provides the same benefits of in-house software, with the added services previously only available through a payroll outsourcing company. Add to this MyPayrollHR’s full-bodied HR functionality and expertise-on-tap, and MyPayrollHR surfaces as the only complete co-sourced solution.

MyPayrollHR In-House Payroll
Accessibility Available 24/7 from any Internet connection. Typically must be at the office to input data entry securely.
HR Information Accessibility HR data is accessible anytime, anywhere alongside payroll data within the same database; key statistical data quickly viewable and accessible in the HR Dashboard; comprehensive employee records can include events and reminders. HR data is stored in various record-keeping vessels such as in file cabinets, spreadsheets and calendars; accessible only when in the office.
Federal and State Tax Filings and Deposits MyPayrollHR takes care of your tax filings and deposits and guarantees they are on time and accurate. Prepare filings and file manually or through separate tax authorities. Know varying due dates of tax authorities which is often based on amount of tax owed; pay extra fees when due dates missed. Or hire an accountant.
Security and Confidential Data Layers of security including server-based encryption at the hosted server facility, SSL encryption, strong user authentication. Varies from “little” to “mid-level security” based on the sophistication of IT knowledge. Typical scenario: security consists of a non-encrypted password to access the computer on which payroll data is stored, and a locked filing cabinet.
Paid Time Off Paid time off is set up on the Employee Master record and can be set to accrue and carryover automatically. Review accrued, taken and available balances for all employees at a glance. Automatic accruals and carryover typically not available. Maintain manual calculation of balances on spreadsheets.
Employee Self-Service Provides a secure portal for employees to view their own pay stubs and paid time off information, as well as make changes to personal info. May provide a portal at extra cost; typically, you field time-consuming inquiries from employees about their pay stub info and paid time off totals, and update employee information manually.
HR Expertise and Advice Answers your HR questions from trusted HR experts. Plus access to: HR News, Articles, HR Glossary, Newsletter, HR Posters, HR Forms (state, federal and business), job descriptions, Handbook Constructor and more. Not offered. Alternative: hire employment lawyer or HR manager.
Reports Includes standard and popular pre-built reports; colorful charts and graphs of key statistical data; customized report writer with access to real-time data (created reports can be saved for future use); popular export formats for easy sharing; payroll allocations include miscellaneous employer costs such as insurance and retirement contributions. Standard reports. May include some charts and graphs. Limited ability to allocate payroll data.
Direct Deposit All direct deposits are handled by MyPayrollHR. Not offered. Typical scenario: build (and tweak) bank interface, get socked with additional bank transaction fees, get file to the bank for each payroll.
Preparing Checks Enter data and calculate. Tax tables are always up-to-date, even local taxes. Download tax tables and forms from various tax authorities and manually update. Be aware of tax laws and which taxes may change monthly, quarterly, or annually.
Preparing W-2’s W-2’s are done by MyPayrollHR, which guarantees accuracy. Not available. Typical scenario: spend hours by the printer dealing with running out of ink or special stock, stock alignment, etc., OR hiring a third-party W-2 processing service, such as an accountant.
Data Backup Data housed in protected facility; regular backups and duplication stored off-site. Server typically not protected from fire, flood, loss of data. Backups often stored at same facility or possibly off-site in same region. Backups not done nightly, risking days worth of work loss, and costs.
New Hire Reporting New hires automatically reported to appropriate entity. Remember to fax information to state or report on time.

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