Two payroll worlds in one solution

You get the benefits of outsourcing payroll and the flexibility and control of an in-house process when you co-source with MyPayrollHR. Co-sourcing is a whole new way of thinking of payroll software for small business.

Convenience of Outsourcing

  • Avoid the headaches associated with electronic filings, penalties and fees
  • Expert advice and resources of a payroll professional at no extra cost
  • Data secured in a world-class data center
  • Live HR and payroll expertise
  • No software and related hardware to upgrade, back up, and maintain
  • Avoid the headaches associated with tax deposits, tax reporting, and file transmissions

Control of In-Sourcing

  • All data is accessible 24/7 so you won’t sacrifice any control
  • View, create and print as many reports as you want at no extra charge
  • Create your own reports and labels from live data
  • Data secured in a world-class data center
  • Process payroll on your schedule

MyPayrollHR: A Co-Sourcing Solution

You get the benefits of both worlds listed above, plus the expertise of developers who have been producing software solutions for payroll and HR professionals for over 20 years.

Compare the Benefits

See how MyPayrollHR compares to handling payroll with in-house software or a payroll outsourcing provider, by downloading the following data sheets:

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